El Nunu

You came into my life as a blessing. The joy you would bring was unexpected. With your father choosing to stay in the background of your life it was me and you against the world Nunu.

As you grew in my belly I thought of the adventures that were to come for us. When I finally held you in my arms, I knew I was starting the biggest chapter in my life story. I want the best for you, my greatest love. I am glad God chose you to be my son.

People may not understand the world you live in but with time we have faced the challenges together. I know you were placed in my life for a reason, to help me be patient and understanding. I know if I can get through this I can handle anything.

Like all mothers, I waited to hear your first word, which of course I secretly prayed was “mama”. When that time never came I knew something might be wrong. That’s when autism knocked on our door. I opened that door with guns blazing knowing that I had to become a warrior to fight this battle that we didn’t ask for.

As I watched you play by yourself and run and twirl around in circles until you were tired, I wondered in fascination what you were thinking. You seemed so carefree I wanted to have a peek and experience it with you.

You have grown into such a little man. You are SEVEN now. The years have gone by too fast. All your accomplishments have been witnessed by me my dear son, from your first word to not wearing a diaper anymore.

I love you more than I love myself. The laughter you bring into my life can’t be put into words. I would not have chosen anyone else to be my Nunu.

My dear Elijah.